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Won't let go of a selected item


I'm finding that sometimes when I click and resize an object, I can't click away from it and no matter where I move my mouse, the object just keeps resizing. Very frustrating. 

anybody else finding this? 

What Videoscribe version number are you using?
Without more information, I would guess that there are problems in your project resulting in excessive memory usage which can cause unwanted behaviors. (large image file sizes are probably the most common cause)
I think I read that version 3.x.x has a higher memory limit than version 2.x.x which might result in fewer memory related problems.

Do you every observe this problem with the first, second, or third image you add to a new project? Or does it only happen to a project that contains 20 30 or more elements?

You could save the project to the cloud folder and raise a ticket if you would like feedback from customer support. Or you could save it as a .scribe file and attach it here if you want help from videoscribe users.


link: TIPS to avoid crashes, freezes, failure to render or erratic behavior (2015)

-Mike(videoscribe user)

Thanks MIke. I think it is the memory thing. Just was hoping there was something else that might help. THANKS!

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