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Help! Lost hours of work!

My co-worker sent me a scribe that she'd been working on. I opened it in VideoScribe and finished the project that is due today. I've been working on it for hours. I was importing a final image that locked up VS so I closed and reopened. ALL of my work is gone. I have the default save set to 10 minutes.

I also noticed that now when I open the file she sent me and I try to resave using a new name, it will not allow me to do that.

Please tell me that my work is not lost. It's due in one hour.

I think autosave does not overwrite your saved project. It just stores a temporary backup version. If videoscribe crashes, then the next time you start videoscribe, it prompts you to restore the autosaved backup. If you choose not to restore it, it is discarded.

If you are trying to change the name and export it as  a .scribe file, I think you have to save it locally first.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Save manually and save often. I'd recommend saving at least once an hour on any work program.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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