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V 3.0.1.-22 PC (Windows) PRO - Where is NO ZOOM Control Now?

I used to have a nice little check box to turn off the zoom at the end (which I cannot understand why anyone would want).  Now I cannot find it or any way of turning this off.

My current marketing video is stalled until I can find this.  I sure wish they would stop moving controls around every time I want to do a new video!  Constantly have to learn a new layout.


With your project open, click the icon to "download or publish scribe video"
then uncheck /untick the "zoom at end" option

-Mike (videoscribe user)



Thank God I found this as it's driving me bonkers.  What possible use is that stupid zoom apart from being massively annoying?  

I can say that for now, we have decided to add the 'Zoom at end?' option back to the preview/play screen as it was in version 2. So it will be both on the render screen and on the preview screen (if it is unchecked on the preview screen it will automatically be unchecked on the render screen and vice versa).

We will also, in the future, add a zoom at end option in the global settings so it can be turned on/off for all scribes.

I think that's a fabulous solution.  Thanks for that!


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