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Drawing arrows

Hello, I am working on a video that uses arrows to direct the viewer through a process. I have them all set to draw and Only Draw Strokes is checked. When the arrows are drawn, they draw starting from the arrow head. In our review process of the video (which is for training purposes) multiple reviewers have commented that it is distracting for the arrow to be drawn "backwards" (i.e. right to left, on a left --> moving process). Is there a way to change this so the arrow is drawn in the other direction? I have seen this option in text, but not images??

There is not any way to change the direction an image is drawn from within the software. You can control the way a self made (SVG) image is drawn - it will be drawn in the same order it is drawn in your SVG editor. Simple arrows can be drawn easily in an SVG editor such as Inkscape (free) or Adobe Illustrator and imported into VideoScribe. Create your own images.

Are the images you are referring to from the VideoScribe image library? If so, could you show me an example of an image where it is drawn in an illogical direction, such as an arrow being drawn backwards?

All the dotted lines within the software I've tried draw on right to left rather than left to right which is logical.  Be great if someone turned them around.  Don't know why you would ever want them the other way.  Cheers Cathy

Cathy, did you try flipping the image in the properties menu? There is an icon between the % solid and angle +/- toggles that looks like a dark triangle and a dotted triangle. It flips the image to a mirror. I didn't realize that was an option until recently. I used it on one of the dotted arrow gifs and it worked for me. You just have to rotate it after it's flipped to however you want. Hope that works for you.


Thanks Jennifer.  Have tried that, but it still draws the arrow first.  Have now made my own and I'm about to try them.  



I've attached reversed versions of some of the dotted arrows here. You can import them into VideoScribe.

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