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Text Formatting Suggestion


I use videoscribe for lot of my works.

I've been using it from the start from 2008.. the way videoscribe

has evolved is humungous.. But the text part is still
the same.

If you could add a formatting part for the text.

Like changing color of different text in one paragraph.

Keeping it normal or make the text bold in one paragraph.

If the above said options were there in videoscribe, it would

be more helpful to make the scribe.



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Hi Raghav,

Thanks for your feedback.

Your suggestions have been logged and will be considered for development in a future release.

Anyone who thinks this is a good idea should click the 'like' link beneath the original post.

Exactly. Where is the formatting toolbar as you have offered me for this submission? For users of VS in the real world bold, italic, underlining, colour change all pertaining to one word, or phrase within a larger text block, these are basic requirements. I cannot even import the formatting on a text created on another programme. After 5 years or so of using Videoscribe, there seems to have been no progress on this. I am trying to apply it to education. I have to weigh up if VS handwriting facility is enough of a benefit to outweigh the lack of flexibility within the text offered by other, basically free apps. Great for images taking shape, and one or two onscreen tricks, and 'realistic' letter writing with an audio accompaniment, but you are failing to meet the needs of more typical? potential users like me in the education sector.

Hey, this will be covered in a font/text update that we are working on. You will be able to use multiple colours in one text box. There will not be a Bold, Italic or Underline button but you will be able to use more than one font in the box so if you have the whole font family available you can switch between the Bold and Italic options for example

Hello Barry I can´t wait to see this update, how long does it gonna take???

In testing right now- no set date as of now 

We've released v3.6 of VideoScribe this morning which has some big changes to fonts and text, including multiple colours in a single text box support. 

We're still working on the using different fonts and weights in one box and we'll keep you updated on that

Find out more about what's included and also how to upgrade to this version via the v3.6 release notes.

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