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Imges paste backwards

I don't understand why, if I copy a series of images and paste them in another spot on the same scribe, it paste them in the opposite order.

Hi Devid,

I've not been able to replicate this. If I select multiple elements and copy them, then select an element in the timeline for the pasted element to appear after, the elements I copied are pasted in the same order as the originals.

Are you able to reproduce this consistently? If so, are you able to give me the steps to replicate the issue?

Has anyone else experienced this?

Yes. It does happen constantly. I just select the elements as normal, one by one, then I use the cut option on the right side of the screen and I paste them just like you did, by selecting an element and click paste. I don't know why. Also, many times, when I inadvertently double click on the arrow that allows me to scrool the timeline, the timeline starts to go and never stops. I must go back to main page and start all over again. 

Videoscribe is an amazing product. You nailed it! But now it's time to make it work perfectly, always tryig to get feedback easily from customers. 

Another thing that is really annoying is the autosave, that in my computer, which is not the latest apple, but a Lenovo (mids range computer - 8 GB ram) sometimes makes the software crash and stop working. 

You can disable the autosave in the default options menu.

Your other unexpected program behaviours might be the result of excessive memory usage (usually because of large image file sizes or too many images in the scribe)

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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