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Importing a 'talking' Avatar onto your Scribe

Is it possible to use a 'talking'  (voice activated) Avatar with VideoScribe, or to split your screen so that both can be seen simultaneously, or is there another way of creating a passable voice- activated Avatar effect on a video through animation on VideoScribe other than drawing a different mouth for every syllable? 

This isn't currently a feature of VideoScribe. Any ideas and feature requests can be posted onto our forum (there are separate areas for questions & answers and ideas/features). You can search the forum to see if your idea/feature has been suggested before and if it has, 'like' the idea by clicking the link on the original post. The more 'likes' an idea has, the more chance it has of being considered for inclusion in a future release.

If your idea has not been suggested before, you can create a new idea/feature request and others can vote if they like it.

great idea, I see this is an old question, has anyone come up with ideas yet?  looking forward to anyone's ideas? or if Videoscribe has developed anything yet?

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