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My Scribe Doesn't Show Up in the Scribe List

OK. I just completed a scribe on my macbook air. I had it save to my Google Drive so it would be available to open up on my iMAC. So, I looked for it, found it, right-clicked it and told it to open with VideoScribe. 

The program opened just find, but THE SCRIBE IS NOT THERE.  There was no error message or anything. It's simpy not there.

What am i doing wrong?

Sounds like you exported your project as a .scribe file (as opposed to just saving it normally within videoscribe).

If you "saved" your project locally or to the videoscribe cloud folder, you can "open" it in videoscribe.

if you "exported" a .scribe file to your google drive, then you have to "IMPORT" it back into videoscribe.


When you try to import the .scribe file, if you cannot access google drive from the import feature for some reason, then save a  copy to your local hard drive and import it from there.

If your problem is something different, please provide more information.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


You need to import the .scribe file from within VideoScribe. See the article Import and export scribes for instructions.

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