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Can you use a scalable png?


I am able to download a vector scalable png character from a stock library. Can I add this as a character or must it be and svg file?


You CAN import PNG images, but PNG is not a vector format.

I am pretty sure that PNG is never vector and never genuinely scalable under any circumstances. PNG is a good quality raster format. Websites that offer EPS or SVG vector images often provide PNG (raster) images for use in mockups, and as an alternative file type for people who do not have the software to use vector art.

-Mike (videsocribe user)


Thanks so much for getting back to me.

That's pretty much what I thought. Guess the description on this page is misleading that a vector version is available.

Then look at available sizes it says Vector scaleable png

Good to know that I will be able to use him as a png though.
Thanks again


You are absolutely right about that page! That seems strange. Maybe some other user can chime in with additional information that I don't know.

Before you buy any PNG images, I would recommend that you find and save a similar image off of the internet and test it in videoscribe to see how it "draws". Then decide if you are satisfied with the results. Things that look like line art generally "draw" better" and properly prepared SVG images generally "draw" best.  Photographic and 3d shaded images may not work as nicely.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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