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Hola, Tengo un gran problema con mi video. Todas las imágenes en la parte inferior de la interfaz de edición han desaparecido. Estoy atascado y mi presentación no está terminada. ¿Puedes ayudarme o tengo que empezar de nuevo? He atado una pantalla de impresión del problema. Gracias.


This is usually caused when you have imported an image that has become corrupted.

You can identify the problem image by following these steps:

Load up your scribe and select all the elements using CMD/Ctrl+A
Copy them with CMD/Ctrl+C close the scribe, open a new one and paste the elements onto the canvas using CMD/Ctrl+V. 
When you do this the timeline appears at the bottom and you can identify the problem image. 
You need to identify it from the timeline because usually the image shows as a tiny dot on the canvas and you can't see it. 
Start at the end of the timeline and click on each element in turn. 
The problem image will usually have a blank thumbnail until you click on it. When you click on it it shows the thumbnail of the last element you selected. If you then click on a different element and then on the problem element again, the thumbnail changes to the thumbnail of the element you just clicked on (it changes each time depending on the previously selected element). 

Now take a note of where the problem element is in the timeline; so look at the element immediately before and after it. 

Close the scribe containing the copied elements and open up the scribe with the missing timeline. 

Find the element before or after the problem image on the canvas (it should be showing up normally). 

Double click on the element before or after on the canvas to bring up the element properties.


Use the previous/next buttons in the element properties to move to the problem image and delete it using the trash can icon. 

Save the scribe, exit to the projects screen and load the scribe up again and the timeline should return.

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