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Square videos

Is it possible to do square videos?

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The canvas is 16:9 aspect ratio which is widescreen and all videos rendered from VideoScribe will be in that aspect ratio. If you need a square video, you would need to keep all of your scribe elements within a square portion of the canvas, i.e, keep the left and right sides of the canvas blank. Then you would need to export your video and crop it (chop off the sides) so that the video is square. It's not possible to export a video from VideoScribe in a square aspect ratio (e.g. 1:1).

hi matthew, do you plan to include this function in the future? With respect to using the videos on facebook campaigns, which highly prefers square videos in its algorithm, it would help a lot to reach out to more people.

I've logged this with our development team and it will be considered for inclusion in a future release.

I've just had the same 1:1 request from a client. This would be a very useful feature.

+1 for this idea. (time and time again, clients are asking for square doodle videos. It is a pain currently to do this correctly. I have a square 1080x1080 background I import (and as you know I have to resize it currently scene after scene) so I can correctly create the doodle video. Once done, I have to delete the square background from each scene, then add it to my video editor. Most of the time, the scenes are a bit off center, so I have to split each scene and adjust center then continue.

If you would able us somehow to do this, your clients (us) would really be thankful. Some of us (including me) have been with you for over 5 years and as technology move forward and social media does as too need to think about how you can help us in this ever changing technology driven world.

Again, I (we) would be must grateful if you'd really implement this...OR....find a way that we can size the canvas to suite our doodle video needs...(ie. FB business covers, square and now the vertical sized videos)

Thank you for reading! 

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