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Imported SVG files disappear when moved to a specific part of the canvas

When I import an SVG file, Usually there are no problems. But in some particular circumstances, when I move my file to a certain part of my canvas, it either disappears and all I see is the bounding box, or it grows to an extraordinary size and surpasses the bounding box.  

I will attach screenshots of my SVG encoding and my canvas here:




please attach the SVG.


This is not caused by an issue with the SVG, it is a bug that we are aware of and trying to fix. We have recently discovered that the issue can be made worse when the image import quality setting is at a high value. Reducing the image import quality setting can reduce the occurrence of this issue.

You can also add a large invisible circle around the SVG before you save it in Illustrator (after doing this you should be able to keep the image quality setting as it is). 

- use an SVG editor like Adobe illustrator or Inkscape.

- with the pencil, draw a large circle around the outside of the image, setting the point size to zero so that it doesn't get drawn.

- save and import to VideoScribe


This will make the image import a lot smaller with a massive invisible border, but it can be resized to whatever size you want and when you zoom out the actual image remains.

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