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setting window dimensions

I need to be able to set my screen at 1280x720 and have all my elements that I've created with those dimensions import at the correct size.

Right now, if I import my png or svg files, they come in at random sizes.

How can I set my window to be 1280x720 and have all my images import at the size that I created them at?


No matter the size of the VideoScribe application window, the size of the canvas is 16:9. The actual dimensions of this are only controllable when you are exporting your scribe as a video file and selecting the output size. 

There is not really any way to control the size of an image when it is imported, but there are a couple of things that may affect the size. 1 is the import quality setting and the other is the dimensions of the image. That said, there is not necessarily any direct correlation between the size of the image, the import quality setting and the size the image will be imported at but these things will have an affect.

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