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image replace option missing in 3.0 version.


Image replace option is missing in the latest 3.0 version. 

How to replace old image with the new one keeping all the image settings same? 

it was a good option in 2.3.7 version.


That feature exists in the beta version 3.0.1 but it not working correctly (at least for me)
Please refer to the previous thread:


In the latest Beta release 3.0.1-22 (available at, the replace image feature has been disabled as there were issues with it that we have been unable to fix. The feature is due to be replaced in 3.0.3.

It's a very helpful feature.  Hope it gets restored soon

It's back! We release v3.0.2-10 on the 18th October and it was restored there.

If you go the properties of an image from the timeline you go go to the select image tab within the properties and pick another image to replace it with.

Is it gone again? I used in late Oct but now do not see replace image anymore... very important feature!


Please make sure you are using the latest version of VideoScribe (currently 3.0.3-6) by clicking the download button on your account page and then follow the instructions to install the software.

Install VideoScribe – PC

Install VideoScribe – Mac

The replace image function was replaced in version 3.0.2-10. To replace an image, click the image in the timeline, click 'image properties', click the 'Select image' tab and choose the new image.


Is replace image gone again? 

It is grayed out for me in 3.0.2-7 (windows) pro.

Oh. I see there is a new version. 

Why did videoscribe stop putting the version number next to the download?

The version number hasn't been on the site since it was redesigned. We have been meaning to put it back but it hasn't happened yet due to one thing and another. I will try to get an update as to when it will be replaced.

I can confirm that the current VideoScribe version number will be added back onto your account page next to the download button by 5 February, 2018.

Great! Thanks Matt!

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