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Can't log into mobile

 On both iPad and Android, I'm not given an opportunity to log into Tawe. When I click on the bottom strip, nothing happens. The photo below comes from Android. I have the same problem with iPad.


Hi Richard,

To log in, you need to open a Tawe project and then tap the publish/render icon (bottom left next to the microphone) and then tap 'Publish Now'. A screen will pop up saying 'Create a free Sparkol account....', tap the tick and you will see 'Log in' in the bottom right. You will then be able to log in. After logging in, close the render screen and you will see the cloud icon in the bottom left corner. If you then close the tawe project you will see your email address at the bottom of the screen and the cloud folder in the top left.

That worked! Thank you for the help.

Could you please publish a Knowledge article that describes this? It's not an intuitive way to log in. Or just let it prompt you from the very beginning, like the desktop.


I have a desktop account and am trying to download iOS version. Can't find it anywhere. Help?

We have actually remove Tawe App from the App Store and Play Store and we announced this on the 19th September -

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