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Taking too much time for saving the video.

I saved the project in .mov format. It's taking a long time for saving them. I read some of the queries but they are a couple of years old. Have you not solved the problem yet? It's painfully slow in saving the projects. Please help.

The time it takes for your scribe to render will vary depending on a number of factors. These include the length of your scribe, the number of elements, the chosen output resolution of the video, the chosen output frame rate of the video and the specifications of your computer. 

If you find that rendering locally on your computer is taking too long or using too much of your computer's resources you may wish to consider sending your scribe to for rendering. It may not be much quicker but as the rendering is done on our servers you can continue using VideoScribe and your computer resources will not be used. You can also download an MP4 version of your scribe from once the render has completed. See Render and share scribes for instructions for using

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