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So simple, it cannot be done...or so it seems.

I am trying to do a simple vid:

All type
No hand
All Fonts and sizes the same

Is there a way to set the first slide as the main or master slide from which all other slides are created and would have the above attributes automatically? Or must all slides be manually adjusted, one by one (I want to create about 40 slides, with just type)

It would be nice just to be able to type and not worry with the nechanics.


1) Open a new project
2) Create your first text element and immediately click the "set camera" icon while the zoom level is still 100%
3) Assign whatever settings you want to assign to that element
4) Copy and paste the element to create the next element
5) Move the new element wherever you want it and then click the "set camera" icon while the zoom level is still at 100% (so the text size will remain the same relative to the visible canvas
6) Edit the text element to type the new text

There aren't really "slides" at all in videoscribe, but if you have multiple elements grouped in a certain way that you want to repeat, then you can:
1) select multiple thumbnail images,
2) set the same camera position for all the selected elements if you wish),
3) then copy and paste the selected elements,
4) move them to the new location and set the camera
5) edit the new elements as desired.


-Mike (videoscribe user)

I'll give it a try. Thanks


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