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Want to transfer my video from one scribe account to another

I recently sign up for VideoScribe on my mac for a one month trial to do an introductory scribe for my work.  They love it and want to purchase for the company. I bought the PC version for my work computer, but now I have a scribe on my mac that I would like to import into my new account on my PC.  Any suggestions?

Export the project to your hard drive as a ".scribe" file then email it to your other computer and import it into videoscribe.

related guide:

-Mike (videoscribe user)

You can also get access to the scribe by logging into VideoScribe on your Mac using the account details of your work account. Any scribes you made during the free trial will be available on the projects screen and you will be able to save them to the online directory of your work VideoScribe account making them available in the cloud folder when you log in at work (on your work computer).

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