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3.x Beta

Not sure if anyone has checked out the new beta 3.x of videoscribe. I just did. It did crash on me after 2 files. Not sure what caused the crash. But even if it wouldn't of crashed, I would of changed back because of the interface/menu.  I  pray that the Beta interface/menu does not stick around. It was really awkward and clumsy to work with. The 2.x interface is much, much, much better.


Hi Dan,

Thanks for your feedback on VS 3. Could you give some more information about what happened when the scribes crashed? Were they scribes that you had created previously in version 2 or were they newly created scribes? Was there anything specific you were doing at the time?

Also would you be willing to give us some more details about what you found awkward and clumsy about the user interface?

We look forward to hearing from you as we are keen to iron out any issues that you regarding the interface, usability and stability of VS3.

Can I sign up to test the latest BETA ? thx 

Hi Russ,

Your account is already flagged as interested in Beta testing. We will contact you if and when there are any opportunities to Beta test any products or releases.

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