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Folder List in 3.01 BETA

Hello Videoscribe,

I have just downloaded the 3.01 BETA, and I found an immediate omission in the update related to folder and project management.

I have 1500+ scribes split into over 150 folders, and the folder list is in order from oldest to newest. This means to find my most recent folders, I have to scroll through 150 folders every time, for each scribe I want to open. Please allow or make default that the list is in newest to oldest, and even give the option of sorting by last modified.



I should also say the fact that the list scrolls all the way to the top when I pick a folder is also unintuitive.


Hi Alex,

Thanks for your feedback on VideoScribe 3.0.1 Beta. I have forwarded your comments onto our design and development teams.

I'm using a MACBOOK PRO 13 inch and the application is too large for the screen. 


Currently the application cannot be made smaller in terms of height, so you would need to hide your dock to make the bottom of the application visible. If you Ctrl+click on the small bar in your dock and select 'Turn hiding on' Your dock will disappear (see screenshot below). To see your dock again, put your mouse to the very bottom of the screen and it will pop up.


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