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Drawing Extra lines

I have created a file using Inkscape that draws extra thin outlines for some of the drawing before it draws the actual lines.  I searched for these extra lines, but they don't seem to exist.  I have attached the .svg file.  I would appreciate some help.

Hi Barry,

I've been looking at this image for a bit and trying to work out what the issue is. Basically the only way I was able to get VideoScribe the to draw the full strokes of the image (so far) was to remove all of the layers apart from the outline, select all of the outline and copy and paste it into a new document.

Although, now, as some of the strokes are not complete paths, i.e the beginning and end nodes are not the same (they are open) it is difficult to get the fill into the image.


So what I did then was copy just the fill into a new document and saved as a separate SVG so I had 2 SVGs, one  just the outline and one just the fill and then lined them up in VideoScribe. I made the fill 0 seconds and it looked quite good.


This then lead me to think of the simplest idea, that actually ended up working, I just re-ordered the layers of your original SVG in Inkscape, putting the outline layer at the top and the fill layer underneath and importing that into VideoScribe and it worked (I deleted the BG layer as it's not visible and just adds to the file size).


There are 3 extra paths in the hidden layer that also contains your embedded image.

Delete the embedded image and those extra three paths and resave your SVG. You can resave it with a new name if you want to keep both copies for any reason.

After deleting those items, your file size will be much smaller too.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


sorry, I only have illustrator installed right now so I'm not sure if you can see the layers the same way in inkscape:


-Mike (videoscribe user)


Oops Matthew beat me to it. (but to summarize... all you have to do is delete the hidden layer that contains the embedded image and the 3 extra paths.)


Wow.  Thanks guys.  I really appreciate it! I love great support that teaches me things along the way! Tell your boss you both deserve a raise.  Really... I insist!

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