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Instaling TAWE on MacBook

I bought a licence for Videoscribe and Tawe and today installed Tawe on my MacBook and tried to open it.

I received the following message: TAWE can't be open because it is from anUNIDENTIFIED developer.

Your security preferences allow installation of only apps from the App Store and identified developers. Safari downloaded this file today at 21:15 from "

what can I do to use TAWe on my MacBook?  



Just go to your Applications folder, Ctrl+click on and select 'Open' from the menu. Select 'Open' from the resulting dialog and the app will open.

i am not finding the in my applications folder???


Have you installed Tawe? If you are having issues installing Tawe, let me know what you have done and what is happening. If you see any messages when in the installation process do they appear and what do they say?

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