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Please improve render function

Hi VideoScribe/Sparkol - team,

our team has been using VideoScribe for about 6 months now and although we generally like the idea of the software we have been experiencing several issues on a daily basis. About 50% of our videos are relatively long (up to 15 minutes) and we have noticed that VideoScribe seems to struggle with that. The longer the video, the more crashes we get and the software tends to freeze a lot. We know that this is a common issue and none of the suggested solutions we have been given (such as rendering on instead of in VideoScribe or sticking to specific zoom settings, etc.).

Due to the many crashes, that happen at least once per hour, we are loosing a lot of time and can't work efficiently. Therefore my main suggestion is to improve the built in render function. We have been trying to render a lot on but unfortunately the online render function seems to compress the videos a lot. A file that would be at least 50 mb big, would instead only be 5 mb. This wouldn't be an issue if the resolution stayed the same, but unfortunately it doesn't, instead we get very low res (in comparison to what they should be) videos, even if we download the 1080p file. We have been trying all suggested possible solutions given by the Sparkol team, but it seems like at the moment there is no way for us to render an acceptable res video. Not in VideoScribe since it always freezes during rendering and stops responding, and not on, since we can't work with the outcome of the rendered videos.

So again:

Please please try to improve the software so rendering large and/or long videos doesn't have to be an issue, and we can continue using VideoScribe for our business.


Tiff & Anna                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

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The main limitation I think is their use of a leased software component with a memory limit of about 1.6 GB

I don't know if the next version of videoscribe has overcome that problem.

The simplest workaround might be to divide your audio into approximately 5 minute sections, build your scribes in approximately 5 minute sections and then use video editing software to combine the videos.
Use a video editor that offers direct stream copy for no quality loss.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Hi all,

One of the new features of VS3 is the higher memory limit. This version is still in beta currently but if you send over the scribe file/ save it to the cloud and let me know the name I will take a look at it for you?



 HI there,

I think it would be worth an idea to partner up with a huge renderfarm like;, (these are just the first google results, I have never worked with one of them) and provide the ability for the videoscribe users to use a renderservice like this.

I'd be happy to pay for this service!

If there is already a service like this out there (like but FASTER) let me know.

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