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Convertir Video scribe en MP4

Hola tengo el free trial. Tengo que hacer un video de 15 minutos y quisiera importar 3 minutos de video scribe a mi I movie para tener un video que incluya también otras cosas como entrevistas... Mejor dicho, no quiero los 15 minutos en video escribe....quiero combinar y poder importar un file de video scribe a mi I movie...como puedo hacer?

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whatever video  you want to make in videoscribe, you should make in videoscribe. whatever video you want to make in other programs, make in other programs.  then combine them in iMovie.

if you have a more specific question, please ask the more specific question.


Hi Mike,

Yes that is what I want to do...But I paid my subscription two days ago and I am not able to save my video as MOV. Can you help me please? Because I need to convert my video scribe in order to combine them in I movie

Thank you

you should probably save your project to the cloud folder and raise a ticket to contact customer support.

You might need to be more specific about your problem. For example:
1) " I cannot save an MOV because videoscribe crashes while rendering the video"
2) " I cannot save an MOV because I cannot find the button for rendering videos"
3) " I cannot save an MOV because videoscribe says I am still a free trial user even though I have paid"
4) " I cannot save an MOV because my  payment was declined"
5) " I cannot save an MOV because...?"

I hope that helps,
Mike (videoscribe user)


Cómo puedo convertir un video scribe a MOV? Gracias

The instructions to convert a scribe to a MOV video can be found in the article Render and share scribes.


You can render into a MOV or WMV as a free trial user. Just not as an MP4, AVI or JPEG/PNG sequence.  Follow the steps to Publish and Share Scribes :) 

OOPS!  I either didn't know or didn't remember that the video rendering options had changed for free users. Unfortunately users no longer have the option to delete our own replies in this forum. Hayley or any other moderator, could  you please delete this reply and my other Mon 18 May reply in this thread to remove the incorrect information.



No worries Mike! Deleted! :) 

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