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My Scribe stopped saving :( Please help!

I am using the trial version for now.  I uploaded my work to YouTube, but realized I need to make some changes.  I made the changes, hit save and then it erased all those changes I made! Grrr! I tried again and it did the same thing >:(

Does anyone know what I can do so that the changes I make actually save?

(My scribe has a voiceover - which I need to re-record - but no other audio files)


If you are saving it as a .scribe file, Videoscribe does not save new changes in the project that is currently open. It makes the .scribe file using the most recent saved copy.

Save your project normally first, then save it as a .scribe file.

If your problem is something different, provide more specific details about how you are saving and where you are saving and any other information that could possibly be relevant like custom folders changing names etc.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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