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Image Rendering...again


Over the years there has been a significant change in Sparkol. I like most of the improvements - it really has been very positive. But there is one change I really don't like. In the early days, there were several options of how to bring an image into the page. I very much like the detailed drawing mode that was available. In each version since, the options have been reduced to the present verison that is in my opinion, uninspiring. I really like to be able to "draw out" people in my tutorials - particularly when looking at historical figures - I have gone back to some of my early presentations and copied the original images and then shown the same images as they are now using the lastest version. 

I would like to see the original image rendering options put back. Someone did a lot of work on them - I suspect the "newer" software engineers are not into so interested in odd algorithms - who knows. Anyway I attached an example of the evolution!! Comments appreciated.


Thanks for the feedback and for taking the time to create the example video. This is an area we are very interested in.

The image import process you say you prefer was available way back in version 1 of VideoScribe, and we were never particularly happy with it. In the most recent version, 2.3.7, there are basically three import image options. The Sketch style works well on images with clear outlines that can be detected and drawn by VideoScribe. This is similar to the SVG images in the VideoScribe library which all have defined outlines.

The second option is the Reveal, which works well for more complex images, like photographs and colour pictures, which do not have specific outlines to be drawn. I agree that the Sketch option does not work well with this sort of image and I wouldn't recommend it.

The other option here would be to use Move-in as the animate method instead of Draw. Again, this works well with all types of imported images, and in 2.3.7 we introduced a feature to allow you to select this option directly during the import process. You can also preview each of these options now before you accept it.

See screenshot for details of these options.

Having said this we are currently investigating this area to determine what other approaches could be adopted for different types of images. So I will keep you updated with any developments.

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