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Videoscribe Version 3

Hi team, 

I received an email today about Videoscribe version 3.0.

Do you have any information or blog posts on the update, including new features and so forth? 



Here is some information about VideoScribe Version 3.

Over 200 items of work have been implemented.

New User Interface in keeping with the new Sparkol UI patterns

Enhanced User Experience. Based on feedback from users and independent research

    Simplified Element Timeline

    Enhanced method of deleting images and elements

    Improved organisation of scribes (Folder Management)

    Cleaner Recording experience

Improved Search engine

Image recommendations.

Performance improvements

Stability improvements

Any news about release date? 

You can download VideoScribe 3.0.1 Beta from

If you install VideoScribe 3.0.1 will it override the current version I have, particularly if I want to uninstall the Beta version?

Installing the Beta version 3.0 will overwrite any previous version you have installed. If you want to go back to the latest stable version you will need to uninstall version 3 first. This will not affect any of your saved work.

Hi Matthew, 

1) How stable is 3.0.1 Beta?

2) When can we expect the full release?

I work 10 hours a day in the current 2.3.7 version and very much looking forward to the promised enhancements.

best regards, 

Tjerk Zweers

I have tried the 3.0.1 version and have to say I haven't found anything new from the previous version! Except for visual difference. Some things are even worse then in the old version like I can't set time for how long image will be drawn without opening that option in menu,... if this Beta is close to final version I'm not really sure if we will be using this software for much longer.

Do you have a full list of features/improvements? When is the update coming out?

VideoScribe 3.0 has been released and version 3.0.2-7 can be downloaded from your account page

There are details about version 3 on our blog: Welcome to VideoScribe Version 3.

Hey, Matthew.

Besides the interface improvements (well done there! I like the clean interface), none of the guts have changed. 

1. No improvement on type tool (still no kerning, no leading, one color throughout, no bold)

2. No alignment of objects

3. No ability to lock layers

4. Use shift key to move in a straight line vertically or horizontally

5. No ability to import multiple images

6. No ability to replace an image with another? (I guess you took that out?!)

Are any of these issues being worked on? This is not a cheap program, but there are a lot of features that are basic of any computer program that aren't in videoscribe.



Hi Peter,

The main change, as you will notice, for version 3 is the user interface (I'm glad that you like it by the way). As you can see in the blog post, the other main improvements are the image searching and also some 'under the hood' enhancements. Now that we have done those and the software is running more smoothly we can start to implement extra features for future releases. It is our goal to release updates on a much more frequent basis than we have done previously so bug fixes and new features will be fixed/added on a much more regular basis from now on.

That doesn't guarantee that all of the features you have listed will be implemented but now there is a bigger chance that they will be.

The replace image feature is due to be replaced in the next release.

Oh good! I look forward to future releases!

I like new user interface. Very clean.

There are a few things that bother me:
• When I use copy an object and paste it using Ctrl + V, it automatically zooms out. This is not helpful all the time. I would add an option to turn this feature off . If you paste with right click, it doesn't zoom out, but we are adding too much steps to a very basic task either way.
• Is there a way to exclude premium images from the image search? I know it's your business, but it prevents me from being efficient at my work.
• Also, it would be nice if you could see more images at once, instead of the tiny search window. Allow us to maximize to window, and add a keyboard shortcut to navigate between pages.
• The font selection combo box, when editing text, is very small. I only see two fonts listed unless I scroll down. Also, I need to go to the "Manage fonts" option to see how fonts actually look like. The font selector should show how the font I'm selecting looks like.

Maybe these are very picky comments, but they would improve efficiency a lot.

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