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I want to trace the illustration and make the path in the outline in the middle

I traced the illustration and I got a path to the outline.

Use this illustration with VideoScribe. I am troubled by painting outline after writing it.

I want to take the path to the middle.

Rather than writing outlines.

I want to write a line.

Please let me know if there is a nice way.

I'm sorry, my English is not good

test.svg test.svg
3.47 MB

Unfortunately there are several problems:
1) The SVG is 3.47 MB which is very very large for an SVG image. A size between 1KB and 100KB is usually sufficient for well made SVG images
2) When I open the SVG, Adobe Illustrator gives me a memory error so I am not sure if I am seeing the same things you see when you open the SVG.
3) The SVG contains a layer of filled paths which draw as outlines in videoscribe. If you want the paths in the middle then you must use stroked paths instead of filled paths.
4) There are too many anchor points on all of the paths causing the file size to be very large
5) The SVG contains another layer which seems to be a duplicate of all of the paths and anchor points with no strokes and no fills. This layer does not contain any information that videoscribe can use but it probably doubles the size of the file.

Instead of trying to fix this, it might be a good idea to start again from the beginning.

6) if you used autotrace, start over with a new autotrace with better settings that will produce smoother lines with fewer anchor points. This layer can be filled paths and you should lock this layer because you will be making your stroked paths on another layer.

7) If your original image was already vector art then you probably do not need to use auto trace.

8) duplicating the filled paths will not give you the result you want. You will probably have to manually trace  the whole drawing using the pen or pencil tool with a basic stroke size large enough to cover the original drawing one line at a time. Later when you import the image into videoscribe, Videoscribe will be using your stroked paths as a guide to "draw" your image. After you finish tracing and covering up all of the original artwork with your stroked paths, change the opacity of your stroked paths to zero.

9) Save your SVG. If you use illustrator CC or inkscape, you should read tip #7 in the thread link below

You can read more detailed information about making and saving SVG images in the following thread:
Making SVG Images Draw Well (2017 update)

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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