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Installation on Mac

Hi - I'm getting the "unidentified developer" error when I try to install. I followed the instructions that were provided to troubleshoot this and nothing different happens. The same things happens when I "right click" the .dmg file and selection "open" as when I just double click it. 

How can I work around this?


At a glance the message you see when you ctrl+click on the installer file may appear to be the same as the one you see when you double click on it but it's not.

You will see this message when you ctrl+click on the installer file and clicking Open will mount the disk image.


That is not what pops up when I right click, select "open" ... The below image is the box that pops up. It's the same thing that happens when I double click the file. I went ahead and re-installed the application just to see what happened, and I got the same error message I got the first time. I have attached that screenshot below also.



You need to drag the application to your Applications folder at this point, not right click on it. You need to then go to your Applications folder, find, ctrl+click/right click on it and select Open from the menu. I've attached a video to show you how.

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