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Does videoScribe support persian language?

Does videoScribe support persian language?

I don't think that Persian is supported yet, but you could try importing a Persian font in the free trial.

There are several workarounds you can use for fonts that do not automatically work in videoscribe. The SIMPLEST method is to:
1) paste the text into inkscape or illustrator
2) convert it to outlines and
3) save it as an SVG which you can then import into videoscribe.

(That is the simplest method but it will not "draw" well. That type of SVG will look best if you use "move-in" as the animation type or if you draw it with a zero second draw time so it appears instantly.)

To make Persian text, Arabic text, Hindi text, math equations and other types of writing "draw" well in videoscribe, you can learn a few more steps which are described in the following thread: Make Any Font, Text or Equation Draw Well (2017)

-Mike (vidoescribe user)


Thank's for your guidance sir:)

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