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USE MORE CPU or GPU power to Render!!! (RR-793)

I wish Scribe would use more CPU or GPU power to render videos as it gets really sluggish after about 4 mins of animation , and i can see it dose not use that much CPU power at all

You guys should intergrate GPU and CPU (and or RAM)power options to the app so that customers can choose what percentage of CPU or GPU power they would like to use  

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I don't know if there is a limit to the amount of CPU that VideoScribe can use, but I have noticed on my machine, that when rendering, the CPU usage percentage for VideoScribe does go above 100%. (On a Mac I think that each core of a processor can reach 100% so if you have a 2 core processor, CPU percentage can reach 200% but I've not seen VideoScribe use anywhere near that).

VideoScribe does not use GPU when rendering and in it's current form cannot utilise the processing power of graphics cards.

This feature has been logged with our developers and will be considered for inclusion in a future release of VideoScribe. 

If you would like to see this feature in VideoScribe, click the 'Do you like this idea?' link beneath the original post.

Following. The GPU will be not use.
You do a awesome Job and if you upgrade your Programm
to use the GPU too, it will make the usabillity much better. 

Lovely Regards,

This would be a key update to make. Any progress on this, VideoScribe team?

A 4 minute animation takes around 8 hours to render sometimes. I can't imagine how long it will take for a 30 minute video..


- Chris

@Chris - Not sure if they will do it. If you haven't seen this thread yet: - "Rendering is Painfully slow (RR-793)"

Users have been complaining the slow rendering since 2015 (yes, 2015!) but this is not taken care of. I still see new comments about this almost every month.

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