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Control line thickness in Affinity Designer when drawing SVG images

i have used Adobe Illustrator CC and know you can control how thick you want your drawing lines , you change the PX of the line and then hide the line , but i can't seem to do the same in Affinity Designer , is there a way around this ? 

I have tried increasing the thickness for the Pencil tool and then putting its opacity to 0 on its layer but this dose not work 

i have also tried putting the stroke color to "None" this also does not work 

i end ut with an image that draws out with only Skinny lines (only 1 size option , i have no control) 

VS dose follow the line perfectly but i wish i could control its thickness in Affinity like you can in Illustrator (i no longer own Illustrator ) 

Hi, I'm another user.
If someone else uses affinity, maybe they'll comment.
I'd recommend using inkscape (free at or illustrator since both of those programs are already known to work, and have documentation on this help site.

related thread: Making SVG Images Draw Well (2017 update)

In either case, you should probably attach the SVG and maybe someone can evaluate it.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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