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hide an image

I want to not show some images (for fine tuning temporary purpose).

I click in the eye on the bottom left corner of the time line images I would like to temporary hide: the eyelids go down half way but :

-when i run the scribe, these very images are still showing ( no hiding effect) 

-then all the eye lids are up again after this run (the all presentation has been reset with the " eyes open".


Yes, the hide feature is for temporarily hiding elements while you are editing the scribe so that you can access an image that is behind another. The eyes will open again after you preview play your scribe and all elements will be visible during playback.

If you would like to see a change to how this works, look if it has been suggested before as an Idea/feature request. If not you can add it here:

In addition to what Matthew said,
if you want an element to be partially transparent or invisible in your preview or video, you can open the properties menu for that element and change the opacity percentage from 100% solid to a lower number or zero. Then click the tick/check symbol to save the change.

The new setting will remain in place until you change it again.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


thanks you guys. I thought that non only this will hide on the canvas but also while playing the video. Anyway, still useful when stacking layers of images.

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