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Zooming (by Changing Camera Zoom) Doesn't work on Final Render


I have experienced this twice already, everytime I change the camera view (ZOOM IN) it doesn't work in the final render. It works in the authoring environment but not after exporting.

I have double checked the "Transition Time" and again, preview works fine but it just doesn't show/zoom/work after export. It skips the "Transition Time" all the time.



If you adjust the camera position for an element, you need to make sure that you click the set camera icon again to lock the camera to the new position for the element. If you don't click the set camera icon again, the camera will use the previous position.

Regarding missing transition times, please save a copy of the scribe to your online directory (cloud icon), let me know the name and I can take a look for you.

unfortunately i discovered a bug in an one hour scribe that i did  qq. i remodeled the bug in 10 second scribes. the bug is: if you change the camera position twice in a row without animating the pictures you use to move the camera, it just moves the camera ones and not twice in the exported end version. not that big of a deal, bug can be avoided by animating the pictures used for camera moving. but if you have a large scribe and you want to switch back and forth of the pictures its a bit more work now. 

first file is camera movement with animation

second file is camera movement without animation (bug after exporting)

anyway i love your program. keep on the gr8 work! :)

Hi Markus,

This is the result of a bug that we are aware of and working on a fix for.

If a text element with a 0 second Animate time is followed by any other element that has 0 second Animate time, any pause and transition times are ignored for the first element on the rendered video.


A workaround for now is to add 0.1 seconds to the Animate time and remove the hand of either element.

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