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How to get an ordered view of the available hand


when i access the hands settings its just a huge mess, because hands that i tried out are in the preview and not in the folder where they belong anymore (with the name)
How can i get a better view on which hands belong together? Thank you

When you use a hand from one of the folders it will be removed from the folder and placed in the recently used hand list. If you would like to put the hand/pen back into it's folder, you would need to go into the hand menu, click on the hand from your recently used and click on the trash can. You will be asked if you would like to remove this hand from your system, tick yes, and now it will be back in the folder it originated from.

Thank you, that worked.
I noticed that the default hand changes it's pen's coloro when the color of the text changes.

Are there other hands that have that same feature?
Because i dont like the look of the original hand so much.


The default hand has a bit of transparency it the tip of the pen which means the colour beneath can be seen through the hand image. I don't think any of the other hands have this.

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