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Drawing a solid circle in Illustrator

I have become reasonably skilled at producing SVG files in Illustrator that draw a picture in outline then colour as I choose. However I am failing on a very simply thing - eyeballs.  I want to draw the black circle of the eyeball immediately filled black without having to fill it later. The idea was simple - draw the circle using a line thickness that fills the circle.  It works in Illustrator, but is showing only a relatively thin circle outline in VideoScribe.  This doesn't make sense to me, as VideoScribe obeys line thickness. Any thoughts on this?

Please attach the SVG if you want specific feedback on it.

general tip: don't use the ellipse tool. Use the pen or pencil tool instead.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


I am using the pen tool, marking north, south, east and west, then shaping it to a circle, then increasing the pen width until the circle is solid - at around 16pt. It happens in every case, but 2 examples are attached.

Thanks for attaching the files.

Yeah that's weird.  I don't see anything strange about the stroked paths in illustrator. Looks like you might be using AI CS5 which should be fine. I don't see anything that looks funny in your SVG code.

I would definitely consider this a bug in videoscribe.
I found a solution though. Enlarge the circle slightly and reduce the stroke size so the stroke does not overlap itself so much in the center of the circle.

new version attached.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


AI CS5 is correct. Is there a set process for reporting bugs?  A shame to work around the bug by doing the opposite (wrong) thing. It seems a strange bug then, because narrow lines are drawn correct thickness generally in VideoScribe. Yet under some condition(s) narrower lines are thickened and ticker lines are made narrower.  Thanks Mike.


I've taken a look at this and will report it as a bug.

It looks like VideoScribe sees the path as being aligned to the outside edge of the stroke (which in Illustrator is the inside of the circle).


Its even a little weirder than that.

videoscribe is stroking both sides of the path , but when the diameter of the circular path gets small enough for the stroke to overlap itself, videoscribe ignores the overlapping area. Below is an example using 5 circular paths with 12 pt strokes and progressively smaller circle diameters. The top circles are in AI CS4 and the bottom image is the same circles in videoscribe. vertical blue lines show the left and right points of the circular paths for each circle. In the smallest circle, you can see that in videoscribe the stroke does not even come close to where the path is.


Also, if you zoom in closer in videoscribe, you can see that the inner edge of the smallest (bugged) circles are irregular/scalloped


-Mike (videoscribe user)


Thanks Mike,

That is weird! I have added the information to the bug report.

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