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Changing the default "basic" font to Arial, copy pasting one scribe to other

Hi Team,

1. I need to change the entire font of my scribe to arial and understood that I cant not really change the font automatically unless I change it manually one by one.

Is there an easier way I can do it?

2. Is there a way to copy some of my scribe pages to other scribe video?

I am creating 2 scribe videos. The first scribe's first half is exactly the same as the second one. However, the second one's last half content is different. Every time I do change on the first scribe, I create a copy of the scribe for my second scribe. But since I cant find any copy paste function from one scribe to other, I need to redraw the last part of my second scribe again. Is there an easy way? 

Hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you


Hi Enne.

1. You can only change the text elements to a different font one-by one. It cannot be changed for the whole scribe at once.

2. Yes, you can select multiple elements on the canvas using CMD+Click on Mac or Ctrl+Click on PC. Then you can use Ctrl/CMD+C to copy, close the scribe, open another or create a new scribe and use CMD/Ctrl+V to paste the elements.

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