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Video Data in video scribe account

Hello. I've been installed video scribe trial on my laptop before and make a video. But, now when I open my videoscribe pro account on my computer, all data is lost! please help me, how to restore my videocribe data? :( 'cause the video have to send to my lecturers :'(

Projects that you saved in the base projects folder on your laptop will not be visible on another computer.
Projects that you saved online will be in the cloud folder.
Projects in the cloud folder can only be viewed from the same account that saved them there.
Projects are not deleted unless you did something to delete them.

If that does not answer your question then you may need to provide more information.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Yeah, I've saved it online, but did not keep it in the cloud. So i'm confused. I save the file online but on other devices, all the files disappear.

okay thanks for the answer :)

"saving projects online" means the same thing as "saving to the cloud folder".

saving locally means saving projects on your computer that is the default save location.


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