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VideoScribe Deleting Progress

Trying out Videoscribe and running into 2 major problems. 

1st, I used the keyboard shortcut Command+X to cut some text and it deleted images from my slide and not the text I had highlighted. I lost a lot of progress. Then when I tried to undo it, the program apparently does not have a functional undo button or shortcut. Nothing happened. Is this an issue others have run into? 

2nd, I decided not to save it in hopes that an auto save feature would capture what I'd done. Not only did it not work, but my work was reverted to an earlier video from yesterday (which I had repeatedly saved) and even more progress was lost. 

These are not the first times I've experienced similar issues. The keyboard shortcuts malfunction or do not work as expected very often on separate computers. Can someone confirm they do not work or if I'm doing something wrong? 


Hi Matthew,

I can confirm that there is an issue with using the keyboard shortcuts on a Mac when copying/pasting and cutting text in a text element. If you are experiencing these issues you should avoid using CMD+C, CMD+V and CMD+X when editing a text element. Instead of using the keyboard shortcuts you should set up your mouse or trackpad to right click and select the editing options from the right click menu.

The autosave backup is designed to allow you to recover your scribe in the event of a crash. If you close the application without saving, the backup will not be retained. You will be prompted to save the scribe if you try to close VideoScribe before saving. If you select no at this point there will be no backup recovery when you log back in.

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