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API - Vote "YES" for an API

I think an An, API would make sense.

If, you agree ... please share / and VOTE yes for an API !


Hi Shane,

You may find that you get more interest in this feature request if you give a little more detail about exactly what you would like a VideoScribe API to do and how you would expect it to be used.

here's the problem!

I don't like the mini breaks between - projects!

it would be nice to have a feature that allowed, me to save multiple copies to one folder...

then, apply universal changes to - the - saved scribes.

here's how it could work...

1. create a new project folder [001]

2. inside the folder you could assign a sub folder i.e. [spring][summer][week1-ad][etc]

(the simple structure we love in linux, windows, google drive etc...)

3. then be able to make a minor that could be applied to the[sub folder] or [main folder, including all folders]

if the step, [featurette] was applied in the beginning of creating the project, on the [editable text][frame timings][logo][font][font colors] could be selected from a click box or drop down windows and [selected] folder and or folder and sub folders, could be edited in [one click] yes it would be a series of clicks to get to this [click] but after that was applied, you could - select the [new option] to publish [all]

somewhere in there, [a new folder] with new file names, with a new modified name, [rev000 added to the end]

then they could all be edited, published and delivered ...

who doesn't like all the breaking... but regardless... it would be nice to work through multiple projects then publish at one,.... and then if i needed to make a global change it would be... a few clicks away.

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