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problem with custom images

i have this problem which i couldn't figure out all day long!

i have i image that was drawn by Hand.
i take this into illustrator and on the layer above i retrace that illustration.

i set the paths to 0 transparancy and export a svg file.

but when i take it into videoscribe it still draws the path that should be invisible instead of revealing the image underneath and in addition to that, in the end it seems to fill out the strokes as if they had a fill

i used videoscribe before and can not make out the problem since i seem to be working with the same workflow as the last time i used it

attached are two files which are creating said problem

i would be super glad if anybody has a solution or an explenation for this

test.svg test.svg
1.04 MB

after hours of testing i clicked this one drop down and, when creating the svg in illustrator, changed the setting in Style away from "internal CSS" (either Presentation attribute or inline format) and then it worked

i could not find this one because it is not called CSS properties anymore (which all the tips are refering to..)

I believe that you didn't see the same options because you were using "EXPORT" instead of "SAVE AS"

If you run into other problems, use SAVE AS to save your SVG in accordance with the recent guides and tutorials.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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