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scribe video unlock??

 good night

iam sorry,, I want to ask
I want to find a solution of this problem
how to unlock the scribe video here??
and why my scribe video can be temporarily locked??

hopefully someone can answer the solution because I really need this scribe video for my course assigment Computer Aplications..

end before I say thank you

1) Your videos cannot be temporarily locked, so you might be misunderstanding something or maybe I do not understand your description of the problem.
2) Videoscribe videos acan have the following file types: .MOV, .AVI, .WMV and .MP4
3) If you are referring to a ".scribe" file,  it is not a video, it is a project file that is only meant to be opened within the videoscribe program.
4) You cannot open a .scribe file by double clicking it.
5) If you are using a free trial you cannot render video files to your hard drive but you can publish a video to youtube or facebook or a powerpoint file.
6) If your 7 day free trial is finished then you will not be able to login to videoscribe.

I hope that helps,
Mike (videoscribe user)
thanks for the answer
and if I may ask again,,
as you said in point 7,, how can I get back in order to anable videoscribe to be able to use it apart from seven days??
end I understand for a project that you say back at point 3,,then what if the project is the duty of a lecturer to present as creative as possible so that to bussines can pull and run smoothly,,
and the project must be created with videoscribe..
for now the power point is somewhat accustomed so the lecturer decided to make a bussines project task through this scribe video..

thanks for giving the explanation,,


Usually after the 7 day free trial, you pay for a subscription to keep using the program.
If it is for business, the your company might be willing to pay for it:
Paying users can save their videoscribe projects as videos.

a ".scribe" file is only meant to be used as a backup file or to transfer a project from one computer to another so it can be opened in videoscribe and edited on the other computer. It cannot be played or watched like a video.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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