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This is the second time I try to make a video using video scrib. At first, I made an account for log in, then I made 6 seconds video using that account, after that I apload it on my youtube channel, and it was successful. My free trial had run out one day, and now I make new account to get a free trial again, then I make a new video using my new account. The video is 8 minutes long, yet when I try to apload it on my youtube channel, it failed. There is a warning like "please check your internet connection", I immediately check my internet connection, but it is okay. Then I try to render-apload again but the application begins "not responding". Is it because the channel that I use is the same that I use for my first account ? Should I create new youtube channel ? Please help me... the video is for my assignment that the due date is soon... :((

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Actually I made more than half of the video using my first account, but the free trial had run out. Then when I log in with my new account, surprisingly the project from the previous account still exist, then I decide to continue it. is it also the reason why I cannot apload my video on youtube ??? please help me..:((

Your project is long and there might be problems with the way you made it. Save your project file to the cloud folder and raise a ticket if you would like customer support to help you figure out what is wrong with it.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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