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VideoScribe files on Old HD

(windows 10)

Hello there! A few years ago I was using VideoSribe very frequently on my old harddrive. I have since upgraded to a SSD. However, none of the video scribe files were formally saved or transferred to my new drive. The old hard drive is still in my case and I can access files from it. Is there any way I can transfer the video scribe files to my new hard drive? If so, how and where are they? For other files I just copy them over to my new drive as I need them, but for videoscribe the files are not that easy to access. I am unable to boot directly from the old drive as it causes serious stability issues, I tried this awhile back. 

Any help is very appreciated. 


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Hi, sorry for the delay, I have responded to your support ticket regarding this issue.

If anyone else has a similar issue, please open a support ticket.

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