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PowerPoint Video

 For the first time I decided to turn my video scribe into a power point presentation. The rendering to power point was done without any problem.

Now my video scribe was a power point presentation and I was able to add and do some additions to my  video scribe inside power point.

Everything was working well until I tried to export my powerpoint/videscribe presentation as a movie (mp4). It only exported the first few seconds of my powerpoint/videoscribe presentation and not the entire scribe.

I'm far from a powerpoint expert. So how come when I export the scribe inside powerpoint to a video it does export the entire scribe as a video?

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi Dan,

Would you be able to save a copy of the scribe that you have put into Powerpoint and are trying to convert to an MP4 to your online directory so I can take a look?

Also, could you let me know if you used the direct scribe to Powerpoint rendering option in VideoScribe or did you export your scribe in a different format and import manually into Powerpoint? Also, which version of Powerpoint are you using?

 Hey Mathew

I saved the scribe online or at least I think I did. Never done that before. I'm also attaching the scribe in case I didn't save online for some reason.

I rendered it as a power point file by using the Publish button in the top right corner. After pushing the button you have a choice to render to video, youtube, facebook or powerpoint. I rendered it to powerpoint.

I'm using powerpoint that came with Office 2013


Attached is the scribe

If it helps...I did a screen recording to show you what I mean. Here is the link to the recording


Hi Dan,

Thanks for all of that. I have tested myself and unfortunately have been unable to reproduce the issue. I am using a Mac and Powerpoint 2011 so a bit of a different setup so I got a MOV instead of an MP4. But I rendered your scribe directly as a Powerpoint from VideoScribe and exported as a MOV from Powerpoint and it all worked fine. Do you get any other options for selecting what type of video file will be produced when you export from Powerpoint? If the scribe video is the only slide in the Powerpoint presentation with nothing else added and you export that, does it work? Would you be able to share the Powerpoint file (that you exported from VideoScribe) with me so I can compare?

Hey Matthew

The powerpoint file was too large to attach to this message so I have to provide you a download link from my drop box account.

Here is the link:

The above was rendered directly  from VideoScribe to a PowerPoint file

When you import the above into powerpoint it plays in powerpoint no problem. However, when you export it from powerpoiint to a video, the video only plays the first page.



Hi Dan,

Thanks for sharing the PPT file. When I unzipped the PPT and opened it I wasn't able to play it back. I tried exporting as a video file from Powerpoint and a 63 KB MOV file was produced and it just showed the VS logo for 2 seconds when played back.

I'm not sure why it's not working but I would suggest trying rendering your scribe as a WMV file instead of as a Powerpoint, then import the WMV into Powerpoint and see if the same issue occurs when you export from Powerpoint as a video.

Hmmm, that's weird...oh well....I will play around with it. Thanks for trying.



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