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How to adjust line thickness in Videoscribe

Hello, I'm new to Videoscribe, so apologies if this is a simple question. 

I'm trying to create a simple line drawing in Videoscribe by putting a short straight line together with an arched line. The problem is that the short straight line is much thinner than the arched line, and their line thicknesses have to match. If I adjust line thickness on the canvas, then the line gets longer and I no longer have a short line.

Is there a way to get my line thicknesses to match? 

I don't believe there is any option to modify line thickness within videoscribe.

If you are making an SVG in inkscape or illustrator, you can change the stroke weight of individual paths. A search of google or youtube will provide you with a more detailed description if you need it.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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