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Audio Issues When I created my video, it was there and then gone

I created a video and got it all set how I wanted it. I then went to add audio. The program keeps freezing/not responding/closing on me. When I finally got the audio and everything how I wanted it, it froze and never came back. I tried to do the voice over and it closes within 14 seconds. If I do it without the scribe playing while recording, it will record the whole thing but when I go to save it, it disappears or only holds onto about 15 seconds. I tried rerecording on my laptop and importing the audio, but it will not register and says that there are 0 seconds of audio. I also tried placing the audio online and using the link to import it, and that would not work either. 

I even went as far as to record myself on my cell phone, and record the playback onto the program while it was recording without the scribe, it recorded the entire thing. When I went to save it, it said there were only 11 seconds of voice over. 

I even purchased the program for the month hoping that the problem was that people with the free program couldn't use it, and that this would solve it. 

I now have a program that does not work, a wasted $30, and am late on my project even though the recordings and design of the project have been done for almost 2 days. 

Videoscribe contains a component that can only use a maximum of about 1.7 GB of Memory.
Based on your description, your project probably maxes out that memory limit, possibly due to large file sizes, long project runtime, extreme camera settings or something else.

One of the results would be insufficient memory to record a voiceover. The problem with your MP3 files might be related or it might not.

1) You can save your project to the cloud folder and Raise a Ticket if you want customer support to troubleshoot it (during UK business hours Monday -Friday)
2) You can save your Project as a .scribe file and attach it here if you would like Videoscribe users to troubleshoot it.
3) You can attach your mp3 as well if you want someone to examine it. It might need to be resaved with different settings.

4) You can try to identify and fix the problems yourself using the tips at the following link: TIPS to avoid crashes, freezes, failure to render or erratic behavior (2015)

-Mike (videoscribe user)

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