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Vidoescribe community of practice

As someone who is new to whiteboard animation, I would love to share ideas with others who are doing the same.   Is there a Facebook group or other forum where people are sharing ideas on making really great whiteboard animations, and where we can post and give each other feedback on our projects?  

If not, would people be interested in starting one?  Or Sparkol team - could you do this for us?

I'm also interesting in the cross cultural aspects of using pictures to tell a story?  I'd love to hear other peoples experiences.  

It sounds like a good idea. If enough people here click "Do You Like This Idea" under your post, maybe a new forum section will be added for Sharing Tips, Tricks, Scribes, & More (or something like that). Right now those items just fall into whatever threads people start here in the Community forum. Pure sharing and discussion threads have traditionally been kind of rare, though.

I think the current Videoscribe official facebook page is: 

and Youtube:

You could probably create your own facebook group, youtube channel, or a group on an art forum, or social media site if you feel that the layout would be better.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

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