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How can I create a looping scribe

Hi, I'd like my scribe video to continuously loop on three tvs in an exhibition hall. but am not clear on how to do this. Do I need to have my computer linked to the tvs. What programme can I create it in? And how do I do it?



Just to follow up - I have downloaded a video player (VLC) but have no idea how to convert the scribe into a video. can you help?

Hi Phil,

I think that most standard video players have an option to loop a video continuously.
quick google search results:

If you mean a ".scribe" file, It is a file type that is only meant to be opened that in videoscribe. You cannot play it on a video player or "convert" it directly into a video file outside of videoscribe. You can just import it back into videoscribe.

If you have a paying subscription to videoscribe you can publish your project from videoscribe as a WMV, MOV or AVI file to your hard drive, or as an MP4 by publishing to


Hope that makes sense,

-Mike (videoscribe user)

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