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I have downloaded some image from net but i am unable to use them into videoscribe. How can i use them into videoscribe?

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See the article Import images for instructions.

where i can dowload image? thank you

1) There are thousands of images in the videoscribe image library included with videoscribe
2) If you use the image search in videoscribe you will also see more images that have been added for sale by professional artists (I think those have a color tag in the corner of the thumbnail)
3) You can buy images from
4) You can make your own
5) You can hire someone on a freelancing site to make them
6) You can also find images using Google image search

For the best drawing results, You will want to use SVG images that have been made in a specific way to work well in videoscribe. The first three suggested sources above are specifically designed for videoscribe.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

thank you very much

hi there is aproblem  ,, I cannot add any image and image properties not responded....

please solve this problem. 

Its difficult to identify the problem based on that limited description.

My guess is:

1) there is a problem with your project, in which case you need to save it online and ask customer support for help identifying the problem. Or troubleshoot it yourself:


2) the image library won't load:

Hope that helps,

Mike (videoscribe user)

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